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District 10


Colorado House District 10: Eastern Boulder & Gunbarrel


I am so thankful to be serving House District 10. This district is so unique and special with welcoming citizens and a rich culture. There are currently 90,232 people living in HD-10 with a demographic breakdown of 77.5% white, 1.4% black, and 6.8% Asian. Additionally, 11.6% of the population identifies as Latino or Hispanic. Check out Colorado Redistricting for more demographic information here!

Fun Things to Do in HD-10:

  • Pearl Street Mall

  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

  • The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

  • Fiske Planetarium

  • The Museum of Boulder

Check out more to do here!

Take a Hike

Boulder is a beautiful place with a rich history of protecting our natural landscape. We love to take advantage of our stunning surroundings by going on hikes! Here are some popular hiking spots, ranging in difficulty, for you to check out:

  • Flatirons Vista

  • Rattlesnake Gulch

  • Red Rocks Trail

  • Baseline Trail

For more trails and information, head to Boulder's Trail & Trailhead website.

A Center of Education

The University of Colorado Boulder is a world class institution right here in HD-10. In the fall of 2022, 36,122 students were enrolled. CU Boulder has 4,300+ courses offered and it is ranked among the top 3% of world universities. 7,000+ degrees are awarded each year, the most of any university in Colorado.

The presence of CU Boulder in HD-10 brings innovative companies to Boulder and enriches our community. Sko Buffs!

Boulder is a central hub for many vital industries thanks to our history and the presence of CU Boulder. We have 12 times the national average of aerospace presence with 44 companies, over 98 biosciences companies, 292 cleantech companies, and 862 IT/Software firms in Boulder. Here are a few of these companies that make a lasting impact on our community:


  • Ball Aerospace

  • Lockheed Martin

  • NOAA


  • Array BioPharma

  • AstraZeneca

  • Corden Pharma Colorado


  • Siemens Power Generation

  • juwi Solar and juwi Wind

  • Gravity Renewables


  • Google Boulder

  • IBM

  • Oracle

Natural Products

  • Bobo's Oat Bars

  • Justin's

  • Boulder Brands

Outdoor Recreation

  • Spyder Active Sports

  • Newton Running

  • Backpacker's Pantry

Cutting Edge Industries

Exceptional Local Support

Boulder City Council is responsible for setting policies for the city and consists of nine members, all elected at-large. City council chooses a mayor via election and the mayor pro tem from among its members. The Mayor is Aaron Brockett and Mayor Pro Tem is Dr. Nicole Speer. Check out more of their work and see when their meetings are here.

The Board of County Commissioners consists of three individuals elected to serve four-year terms as leaders of the Boulder County government. All three commissioners are elected at-large by the voters of Boulder County and represent the county as a whole. The current County Commissioners are Claire Levy, Marta Loachamin, and Ashley Stolzmann. Find out more about what the County Commissioners can do for you here!

The land that is now Boulder has been occupied for more than 13,000 years with the Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute) people living in the mountains, the Hinono'eino (Arapaho) living on the plains, and other nations associated with the Boulder Valley.

A group of Nebraska settlers made their way to Boulder Creek, making a permanent settlement in 1858. They then formed the Boulder City Town Company; this settlement broke promises made to Chief Niwot and was a violation of the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie that granted the lands to the Plains natives. 

In 1871, the city was incorporated as the Town of Boulder, with just over 340 residents. Mining was the main industry in Boulder, bringing settlers and supporting businesses, like supply stores, transportation, room and board houses, and leisure businesses. Pearl Street was established from these businesses, becoming Boulder's main thoroughfare. 

The residents of Boulder advocated for a state university for a long time, finally securing $15,000 from the state legislature as long as they matched with a donation. The residents provided their own $17,000 in 1874.

In the mid 20th century, scientific laboratories came to Boulder, including  The National Bureau of Standards, Beech Aircraft, Ball Brothers Research, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This helped to develop Boulder into a center for space and atmospheric science.

In 1974, Penfield Tate II was elected Boulder’s first black mayor. In 1975, Boulder County Clerk Clela Rorex issued the first same sex marriage licenses in the United States in response to a marriage application from two men.

Many things have changed since Boulder began, and we still have further to go while examining the legacies that previous residents left.

For more insight into Boulder's history, check out Visit Boulder and the Museum of Boulder!

A Brief History

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