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About Me

As your current State Representative, I enthusiastically wake up every day to do this job because I understand and live the challenges that members of our community face. For example, I am a renter in Boulder and was a law student when I ran for Boulder city council. I balanced a challenging work load of both a law student and that of a council member in my first years representing the Boulder community. I have since obtained my degree, passed the Colorado Bar, and opened my own law practice providing family law services. Each of these responsibilities and commitments alone constitute a full time effort, yet I prioritized public service and balanced the work load successfully, just as I will continue to do as the representative for House District 10.

Boulder City Council Member, Junie Joseph

State Representative, Former Boulder City Council Member and keynote speaker Junie Joseph speaks on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dreams and how they have evolved today. Jan. 20, 2020 (Casey Paul/CU Independent)

In 2019 I ran a grassroots campaign for Boulder City Council as a first-time candidate. Although our city council elections are not partisan, I received the highest number of votes anyone registered as a Democrat had ever received in a Boulder City Council Election, during that election. I have proven I can win elections as an advocate for Democratic priorities.

During the four years that I have spent on council, I have been a fervent advocate for working people. During my tenure, I was a staunched advocate for criminal justice reform. I advocated for bilingual emergency announcements for all community members; I have also advocated for the most recent collective bargaining bill; As a member of the City Council’s financial strategy committee I pushed for transparency, accountability and good governance through the implementation of OpenGov; I was also a member of the audit committee, supporting the Audit team, in looking at the city’s budget and departmental processes.  

I have also been furthering Boulder’s interests at the State and Federal levels by being a member of several organizations and committees. I was the City Council's representative to the Colorado Municipal League’s policy committee, which advocates for town and city government interests at the Colorado State Legislature and weighs in on federal issues as well. Additionally, I was a member of the National League of Cities Human Development Committee and the REAL Council, where I mainly helped influence policy positions and advocacy regarding social, political, and economic equity.
I have been named a Leader for Climate Integrity by the CCII believe that the lessons I have learned influencing policy at the local, state, and federal levels have inspired the work that I have done at the State House. 

As a candidate who ran a grassroots campaign to earn a position on the City Council in 2019 and then served as Mayor Pro-Tem,  and the current State Representative for House District 10, I am deeply committed to the people of Boulder and I have worked to strengthen their participation in our government. I am a former precinct captain with the Boulder County Democratic Party and currently serving as an Area Coordinator. I serve in this position because of my belief that the work of a local leader is not just to enact policy change but also to educate the community on the issues and the challenges democratic leaders are facing at the ballot box. 

These are challenging times, and we need bold, visionary, equity-focused leaders to advocate for the changes that will help us through. I believe I am well equipped to continue to do this job. As a lawyer and a minority small business owner I have used my tenacity and problem-solving skills to support evidence-based, humane solutions to challenges like disparities in our criminal justice system, homelessness, and climate justice. I have leaned on my life experience of being born in Haiti and immigrating to the United States to fight for social justice and human rights issues at the capitol. And I leaned on my lived experience as a working-class woman and a Person of Color living in the US, who has navigated many difficult places and spaces in order to get to where I am today. I am deeply committed to social justice, human rights and the plight of all people, especially those who are marginalized. I take to heart the National Democratic Party's mandate that “the economy should work for everyone, health care is a right, our diversity is our strength, and democracy is worth defending.” and will use this mandate as a guiding light to continue to craft policies that best serve our community here in Boulder and have benefits across the State of Colorado.

I will again need grassroots support in my effort to continue to represent you as your State Representative. If you live in Colorado State House District 10, I urge you to support me. If you know someone who lives in HD-10, I ask that you send and/or share this website with them. As always, my phone and email are open to you and I eagerly await your outreach.

As your Representative in State House District 10, I will continue to uphold our community’s inclusive and progressive values and keep my promise to you, which is to be the best advocate for HD-10 that I can be. 

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