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Thank you for checking my endorsement page. I have been endorsed by many community leaders. But the most important endorsement is yours.

I need your your support & vote for re-election. 

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Organizational Endorsements

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Community Endorsements

"Junie is one of the most 'Can Do' person I know. She does her homework carefully and is an exemplary legislator. She is compassionate, thoughtful, and energetic." - Former Boulder City Council Member Spence Havlick

"As a green party leader, I value Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice & Equal Opportunity, Ecological Wisdom, Non-Violence, Decentralization, Community-Based Economics, Feminism & Gender Equity, Respect for Diversity, Personal & Global Responsibility, and Future Focus & Sustainability. I believe Junie’s leadership will continue to weave the intricate fabric of Boulder’s resilience. I trust her to move boulder forward and value her tenacity. " - Tim Barnes, Lafayette City Councilor

"Junie is thoughtful, she's thorough, she works hard. She has successfully sponsored at least 20 bills, many of which had bi-partisan support - an impressive accomplishment for a freshman legislator. She is passionate about the wellbeing of children and families, public safety, justice, and the environment. I can't imagine a better Representative." - Susan Boucher, Community member

"State Representative Junie Joseph is known for her tireless devotion to ensure access to justice for all, championing responsible gun safety laws, and supporting working families and children.  Junie is a dedicated public servant who is committed to doing what's right for her community.  I'm proud to support Representative Junie Joseph for reelection to House District 10!" - Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser

"Junie is not only brilliant and has a love for her community, but an overall truly global citizen. She has demonstrated her strengths and talents and we're so fortunate to have her represent HD10. Go Junie!!!"  Ann Cooper
"Junie has shown that she is the type of leader that stands up for what is right and always watches out for vulnerable people."  Elise Nelson
"Junie is the type of leader Boulder needs at the Capitol" Margaret Uhler

"Junie will bring a new and progressive voice to our government " Jack Johnson


"As a student at CU Boulder, it makes me so proud to have a former student and renter represent me at the Capitol" Natalie Yao


"Junie will help us meet environmental challenges and she will also provide strength and experience to help build a stronger and more equal society for Colorado." Erik Johnson


“Junie has been a quick study at the State Capitol. She is already widely liked and respected and she has helped pass many important bills, including several that will help us address climate and environmental issues. I look forward to her continued representation.”Leslie Glustorm

"To put it simply, Junie Joseph was born to lead. She listens. She collaborates. She learns. She acts. I have every confidence in her to continue to represent Boulder with honor, boldness, and the wisdom Boulder needs." Martha Wilson.


"Junie is one of the most dedicated people I've met in working towards a better future for everyone in our community. I am looking forward to many more years of her leadership in the statehouse." Dave Ensign

"Junie Joseph is attuned to the needs of her district. She “shows up” for all of us, working hard for women, children and families." Catherine James.

"She’s bright, energetic, hardworking, and brings a perspective of younger citizens. It’s nice to have someone with the perspective of a younger generation in our legislature." - Stephanie Bryan

McKenzie Fleurimond

Joni Teter

Jules Pierre

Bijal Mehta

Michael Joseph

Alix Desulme

Samuel Briggs

Lindsey Pearson

Barbara Moore

Vanessa Joseph

Gary Hansen

Magyla Ramirez

Robert Blumenfield

DeVere Kutscher

Vita Lantz

Larraine McNamara Mcgraw

Karon Johnson

Caroline Miller

William Wei

Natacha Lamour

Suzanne Helburn

Charnette Orelien

Jose Ramirez

Magalie Edouard

Taylor  Hickerson

Melora Palmer

David Ensign

Louisa Matthias

Scott Benson

Van Johnson

Michael Hart

Stephen Sparn

Anne Byrne

Shannon Golden-Shubert

Luana  Rubin

Krista Nordback

Jade Kelly

Adam Smith

Nicole Soto Quintero

Amber Hott

Rosaline Martinez

Allen Magnusson

Alana Silva

Lynne Boggs

Ryan McAlister

Colleen McCroskey

Hannah Barris

Lauren Martens

Sheila Etienne

Jenna Robbert

Valerie McCarthey-Smith
Jennifer Marie Shriver
Leslie Glustrom
Rabbi Deborah Ruth Bronstein
Lynn Gilbert

Angelique Layton

Pedro  Silva II

Lou La Monte

Shelby Morbach

Michael Njong

Jerome Shapins

Nirva LaFortune

Andrew White

Sharon Hurt

Jackson Fox

Marie Cisse

Ellen Taxman

Sauldia Senat

Penny  Fest

Susan Gilbert

Jessica Austin

Ernestine Garcia

Robert Burrell Jr

Tom Kunstman

Tiffany Ito

Kurt Nordback

Nii Armah Sowah

Amy Ostwald

Erin Hottenstein

Christy Brooks

Denise Mitchell

Melora Palmer

Everett Brinson

Russell Chandler

Nancy Metayer

DShawna Bernard

M.E. Harris

Ellen DeMoney

Donny Felix

Charles Lawhead

Alexander Cobell

Michele Simpson

Martha Dick

Cynthia A. Vandenberg

Jane Hayes

Karlin Bruegel

Christopher Hoffman

Nile Johnson

Darren Crawford

Michi Sakurai

Rebekah Dumouchelle

Ewins Julien

Jon Hurd

Conor May

Chris Roberts

Caroline Hoyt

Anne Keke

Vanessa Quintana

Genevieve Devaud

Jillene  Moore

Jay Sullivan

Alyssa Canter

Rachel Robinson

Beth Karpf

Terri Rosenbaum

James Martin

Wendy Kinal

Nicholas Campbell

Kara Powell

Marc Sobel

Ann Nunn

Hal Seiler

Laura Terpenning

Judith Margolis

Everett Brinson

Douglas Hamilton

Andrew Terrell

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